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How often do you select a nomination to receive The Gift of Travel?

We aim to select at least two nominations per month.

How long does it take before I know if my nomination has been chosen to receive The Gift of Travel?

You could hear from us in the same week of your nomination, however we could also still choose your nomination weeks (and sometimes months) after. This simply depends on all other nominations we received within the same period.

What if I don’t hear anything?

If you haven’t heard from us after a few months, then it’s likely that your nomination hasn’t been chosen. Of course, you can always submit another nomination, or make yourself legendary by simply surprising your nominee yourself by giving them a Gift of Travel.

Can I submit more than 1 nomination?

Yes. You can submit as many nominations as you like.

Can I nominate more than 1 person for the same trip?

Yes. For example: if you want to nominate a couple, a whole family, or a whole team – simply add a clear description of your nominee(s) when describing the reason for the nomination.

What happens if my nomination has been chosen to receive The Gift of Travel?

You will be contacted by our team, upon which we start to arrange the trip for your nominee. In order to arrange the most unforgettable travel experience, we will first conduct some additional research to your nominee. After our pre-planning activities are completed, we will arrange all the necessary logistics for the trip and lock in the dates of travel.

When will my nominee find out if they are chosen to receive The Gift of Travel?

If the situation allows it, we will surprise those who receive The Gift of Travel in the week of departure. Spontaneous trips are the best!

Is there anything my nominee needs to do?

No. We will take care of everything.

Why can’t I tell my nominee about the nomination?

It will ruin the surprise. And we also like to capture the natural reaction on camera when we tell your nominee about the upcoming trip.

Who joins on the trip?

A Gift of Travel guide and a camera crew will accompany your nominee on the trip

How long is the trip for?

Usually between 2 – 7 days.

What do you do with the video footage of the trip?

We compile the best footage into a mesmerising video, so your nominee can relive the unforgettable travel experiences over-and-over again, even long after the trip. The video is uploaded to our YouTube channel, and footage of the trip is also uploaded to our other social media channels. Footage of the trip can also be used by our corporate partners (who contribute to making our trips possible) on their media channels.

How long does it take before the video is ready?

We aim to have the highlights video ready within 14-working days after the trip.