How it works

We dedicate ourselves to fulfilling livelong travel dreams, and create lifetime memories for those that are limited in their ability to travel. With the support of corporate partners we arrange all expenses paid trips and holidays to destinations all around Australia.

You cannot apply for the gift of travel for yourself, however you can nominate anyone whom you know of that you think deserves an all expenses paid trip the most.

Our team will select the most compelling nominations to receive The Gift of Travel. You will be contacted in person by our team if your nomination has been chosen, after which we will start the preparations for an unforgettable trip for your nominee.

We will also send our camera crew along on the trip, to capture all the highlights of the journey and compile them into a mesmerizing video so your nominee can relive the experiences over-and-over again, even long after the trip.

Experience the joy of giving now by nominating a relative, a friend or simply someone you know of who, without your- and our help, would probably never be able to travel.

If you want to nominate multiple people for the same trip (i.e. a couple, family or team), please only fill out 1 of their names – and add a clear description of your nominee(s) in the reason for your nomination.