Nomination conditions

If your nominee is selected to receive The Gift of Travel,  we will ask you to talk about your nomination and nominee on camera. Of course it us your call to participate in any filming activities, however if you do not want to be filmed, we do require at least 1 (or more) of your nomination supporters to participate in any filming activities on your behalf instead.

Your nominee(s) will be filmed during the trip. Footage will be used to produce a compilation video of the trip, and / or separate (often shorter) clips that are used on various media channels including YouTube and Facebook by our team or our corporate partners who help us in making the trips possible.

By submitting a nomination, your personal information will be included in our nomination database. This database is handled with care and all information you provide is treated with great confidentiality. We will send you correspondence (manly via e-mail) at certain times, i.e.:
– Shortly after your nomination has been received (to send you info on what to do next).
– Your birthday
– If your nomination gets chosen to receive the Gift of Travel
– If we have any special promos happening (in cooperation with any of our partners).